The eLearning Systems and Support team (eLearning team) has a policy of encouraging development in the University's main Learning Management System (LMS). Developing in the enterprise LMS leverages new functionality out to the entire University, making it available in a robust production enviornment. To that end we offer the following advice and guidelines for developers interested in developing on our current LMS - Blackboard:

Starting Out


  • Developers should advise eLearning team of development intentions before commencement to ensure the capability does not already exist.

  • The eLearning team will provide developers with a development system and building block install rights. This system is development and up-time is not guaranteed.

  • All source code and libraries have to be provided to eLearning team.

  • Any code developed for use on the UQ LMS must either be open sourced or have licence explicitly granted in advance for UQ use.

  • The eLearning team is not resourced to assist with development efforts.

  • The eLearning team will have to carry out and be satisfied with its own testing before allowing into production use.

  • Developers should be aware they will have secure ongoing funding to keep developed material compatible with ongoing upgrades, or the tool will expire.