UQ Group Peer Assessment tool, a fully integrated version of WebPAf will be available to all Learn.UQ courses from Semester 1 2016 onwards.
Information on accessing the updated tool will be emailed to all current WebPAf users in the beginning of February 2016 and publicised in the ITS eLearning newsletter.

The new tool will be centrally supported by ITS and includes the following features:

  • All functionality of the current WebPAf tool;
  • Improved reliability;
  • Improved integration with Learn.UQ course sites;
  • Results returned to the Grade Centre;
  • Likert scale questions option;
  • Additional format options for saving a results file;

Support is available through the eLearning Solutions Service and ITS eLearning helpdesk.

About group peer assessment

Many courses include group assignments for a variety of reasons. While group assignments are valuable for authentic collaborative learning, issues can arise around dysfunctional groups and social loafing (Kavanagh et al. 2011).

The tool systematically collects and collates student evaluations of individual member's contributions to group assignments. The data collected can serve to identify groups requiring additional support, or be used for moderation of group marks to reflect individual contributions.


Kavanagh, L., Neil, D., & Cokley, J. (2011). Developing and disseminating team skills capacities using interactive online tools for team formation, learning, assessment and mentoring: Final report 2011.