Learn.UQ upgrade timeline 2016

Update: The Blackboard upgrade was successfully completed as scheduled. For a list of related and known issues please see the Known Issues page.

Upgrade 2016

Known Issues relating to Learn.UQ upgrade 2016

Known Issues relating to Learn.UQ upgrade 2016

UQ ePortfolio for work integrated learning (pilot)

UQ will pilot our new ePortfolio tool in 2016, with the goal of meeting specific requirements in existing curricula in which work integrated learning (WIL) forms part of the student's learning experience.

An extensive selection process led to Chalk and Wire being chosen as the preferred product.  Chalk and Wire was able to meet each of the essential functionality requirements identified during the 2015 ePortfolio Project

New archive process / policy

The archiving back-end has been rebuilt to allow students access to learning materials from older courses in a sustainable manner. The new service is available at https://archive.learn.uq.edu.au/

The ePortfolio project 2015

The ePortfolio project was initiated by Professor Sarah-Roberts Thomson, Associate Dean Academic of the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS), funded by the Technology-Enhanced Learning Sub-Committee.

Blackboard (Learn.UQ) upgrade timeline 2015

The Learn.UQ (Blackboard) upgrade for 2015 will occur in July on Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th.  This is the first weekend of the inter-semester recess.  Learn.UQ will be unavailable over that weekend, with service restored for Monday 6th of July.

Blackboard Analytics Project 2013-2014

The Blackboard Analytics pilot project commenced in 2014 to investigate developing a broader learning analytics capability.  The Blackboard Analytics for Learn product was installed during Semester 1 and piloted by a handful of courses during Semester 2.

Blackboard Gradebook to SI-net Integration

TLS has just developed a tool to import and merge the student list from SI-Net into Gradecentre to make the two lists compatible and therefore reduce the manual effort required in marking. If you are interested please contact helpdesk. We have also submitted a change request to fully automate the grade transfer between Blackboard and SI-net.

Blackboard Mobile 3.0

A new mobile client for students to access Blackboard has been deployed. See this demonstration of Blackboard Mobile Learn 3.0 It includes mobile tests and push notifications.

Blackboard Upgrade - SP9

UQ's Blackboard learning management system was upgraded for Semester 1 - 2013. The new system has an enhanced ‘look and feel’, stability and security. User guides have been published.

Classroom Capture Pilot

The Classroom Capture Pilot trialled automatically scheduled lecture recordings in venues that were not equipped for recording. The pilot leveraged the technology in place using Echo360 Classroom Capture on lectern computers.


ITS have added: a large groups tool; SI-net marks merge; an Add external user tool; Virtual classroom group tool; my-courses module; Help button; UQPoll, Voice record, ECP connector; Become-Student, Student OHS Reporting.

Desktop recording project

Desktop lecture recording technology, integrated with Blackboard, was deployed to all staff with training and user guides (Echo PCAP and Kaltura).

Electronic Marking

A new online annotation tool automatically linked to Blackboard's gradecentre was deployed in November 2013.  UQ's TurnItIn system currently offers electronic marking through Grademark. An iPad version of Grademark is available in the App store.

External User Tool

In response to significant demand TLS has deployed in 2012 a tool that allows instructors to self add external users to their course (e.g. Guest Lecturer). Read more...

Improved Support

TLS have increased the number of staff on the elearning helpdesk in response to increased demand. Response times are now published regularly and surveys are used to measure service satisfaction.

Kaltura video

In response to requests for student video submission capability Kaltura was integrated with Blackboard and deployed. Kaltura allows staff and students to record, edit and embed their videos directly from their browser into their Blackboard course. This video capability enhances the options for instructors to use Echo PCAP and the Lecture Recordings.  Free commodity video services (e.g. YouTube) do not meet UQ Policy requirements for privacy, copyright protection and retention of assessment materials.

Large Classes

In line with the strategy to better support large class sizes TLS has developed a tool for the more efficient management of large groups called "Bulk Group Manager". This is currently in production and available for staff to use.  Please contact your faculty rep for further information.

Learning Management System capability expansion - 2014

The 2014 upgrade scheduled for November 23rd and 24th was cancelled. The next upgrade will be the 2015 upgrade.

Lecture Recording - by default for lecture theatres

At the start of Semester 1 - 2013 automatic lecture recording was implemented, based on data fed from the new class timetable system. Read more...

Lecture Recording - for Lecture Theatres

At the start of Semester 1 - 2013 automatic lecture recording was implemented, with a link from the new class timetable system.

New Virtual Classroom System Telephone Bridge

A telephone dial-in capability was added to UQ's virtual classroom system in time for the start of Semester 2 - 2012. This will make it much easier for guest lecturers to join in to virtual classrooms, and also for students having trouble with their internet. Adobe Connect was deployed in place of Wimba classroom from Semester 1-2012. Read more...

Online Exams

ITS reported on current electronic exam activities and issues at UQ, with the recommendation to pilot more systems. The report “Online Invigilation for eAssessment at UQ” issues paper to Feb 2013 Elearning Strategy Committee to raise awareness of options and issues.

Performance Enhancements

In line with the increasing dependence on and importance of central services, Blackboard's database was migrated to a dedicated high performance Exadata "appliance". This was a significant back-end project which was completed in April 2013.

Special Modifications

  • A large groups manipulation tool
  • Become-Student tool so lecturers can see what the student would see.
  • Add External User tool – to enrol guest lecturers
  • Grade Centre SI-net integration (See above)
  • A student response tool – UQ Poll

Student Response System - Clickers

UQPoll was deployed to all staff, providing a free student response system for UQ instructors, designed to be easily adopted and include basic functionality. A new version (V2.0) was released late Semester 1 in time for full scale use in Semester 2, providing the ability for: students to quickly change their answer; for instructors to save all responses; to display a tally of total responses, and responses for each answer.

Learn.UQ upgrade timeline 2014

The scheduled Blackboard upgrade for November 23rd and 24th was cancelled due to technical issues.  The 2015 Blackboard upgrade project replaces it.