In support of the University's strategy to offer high value in-class experiences, this investigation seeks tools for in-class teaching and collaboration (active learning). Examples include screen sharing software, free text response, in class polling tool, collaborative writing in large cohorts / classes etc. This also includes team/group - focused collaborative solutions (in large classes) that support creating and sharing sketches, diagrams, maths and symbols online. During  2016 the eLearning team deploy UQ Active Learn which consists of a in-class polling tool (UQpoll), free text response tool where results are displayed as a wordcloud (UQwordcloud) and another free text tool where results are displayed as a "Twitter" like feed (UQwordstream).  The eLearning team also deployed ResponseWare in 2015 and piloted ECHO360 ALP (Active Learning Platform) in 2016. Read more about Peer Q&A support and assistance and Student response systems.