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Getting started - Semester 1 2015

Posting Announcements

Please do not use Firefox or Internet Explorer (with compatability mode enabled) when creating an announcement.


We recommend using the Google Chrome Web browser  - available from Google


Student response systems

What is a student response system?

Using a student response system (virtual clickers) in a lecture, teaching staff can pose questions in a PowerPoint presentation, verbally or on the board (depending on the system used). Students then answer the questions using web-enabled devices such a laptops, smart phones or tablets. A running tally or graph of student responses is projected onto the screen.

New LMS - Moodle or other

From time to time TLS is asked whether we have considered Moodle, edX, or another Learning Management platform. Below are some issues to consider.

Technology Enhanced Learning Grants

Proposals for 2015 Technology Enhanced Learning Grants (TEL Grants) will be invited in February-March 2015. TEL Grants were previously called Gated Pipeline eLearning Submissions.

Successful projects for the 2014 second round were announced at Teaching and Learning Week in November 2014.

ResponseWare, Course site design tips, Digital rubric design

Course requests

How are new Blackboard courses requested?

To obtain a standard teaching course (i.e. based on offerings in SI-NET our enrolment system):

  • Publish your ECP (Electronic Course Profile), a blank Blackboard course will be created for you by ITS within approximately 2 days (Years 1 to 5 only).
  • In some schools and faculties your course will be requested for you. Professional staff put in a bulk request for all required courses.

Getting started with Learn.UQ

What is UQ's Learning management system?

Learn.UQ uses the learning management system Blackboard. Every undergraduate course (years 1-5) offered at UQ has a Learn.UQ course for its students. Each Learn.UQ course runs for one semester only (unless requested to be year-long) and is automatically populated with the students enrolled via SI-net into that course. The lecturer (you) for the course is given the Blackboard role of ‘instructor’.

Login to Learn.UQ at: