What is a Virtual Meeting?

Adobe connect is UQ’s web conferencing solution, that allows staff to host online meetings and events in real time with fully interactive audience participation. These rooms can be used for sessions with up to and over 50 people, but generally not exceeding 100. Staff can organise a meeting with UQ and non-UQ people by simply sending them their meeting room URL.

Adobe Connect allows multi-point online collaboration between meeting participants, with voice, text chat, desktop / application sharing and video collaboration. Slideshow presentations, polling, break-out rooms and whiteboard features are all included. Meetings can be recorded and stored as offline files (flash video), or linked to as an online recording. 

Why would I use a Virtual Meeting?

Virtual meetings can be used to host staff meetings, for research collaboration and for interviews.

Other considerations

Adobe Connect can also be used to hold virtual seminars and virtual classes.

Virtual Seminar rooms: Virtual seminar rooms are bookable virtual spaces that allow up to 200 participants.

Virtual Classrooms: Virtual classrooms are a virtual teaching space that is associated with a Blackboard course. All students in the Blackboard course automatically have access to the virtual classroom.

Known Issues

  • Known Issue: Recording a Adobe Connect meeting browser issue

    When recording a meeting if you use a modern version of Chrome the flash plugin is not compatible and needs to be disabled. Instructions on how to do this is available: https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/kb/google-chrome-browser-incompatibility-version.html 

    An alternative browser such as Firefox works however this will need to be set as your default browser if you would like to access your recording offline.