Download the Padlet app

Download the iPhone/iPad by accessing the App Store. Search for Padlet and tap GET and then INSTALL.









You will then be able to access the app by clicking OPEN

Getting around the Padlet app

To get around the Padlet app on a smart device (iPad) use the task bar at the bottom of the app.










Setting up a Padlet wall

To set up a new Padlet, click on the New padlet link.Setting up the Padlet wall on a smart device is the same as using a computer. Refer to the Set up a Padlet wall guide.























Change the settings of the Padlet by clicking the cog in the corner.  Fill in the sections Title, Description, Portrait and Address. the settings.























Choose your layout – Free, Stream or Grid. Click Save to confirm























Using a Padlet app to post responses

Inform your students of the address so they can post answers to your Padlet wall.  To write, edit or delete their comment they will need to double-click their comment first.
























Sharing responses from a Padlet app

Click on the share button to access the options.You can set the privacy settings in here including the moderation of posts prior to the post appearing on the wall.























Exporting responses from a Padlet app

Click on the export button to access the options.