Note: To use the Assignment marking tool on campus you must be logged into the UQ Internet Quota System. i.e. Enter any external website address into your browser, enter your user name and password and click continue.

Refer to the Navigate assignments guide for information on accessing assignments.

  • Click on the Comment button.

Text comment

  • Click on the text icon
  • Select the required:
    • Colour
    • Font size
    • Transparent (no background colour) or a white background.
  • Click anywhere on the page and type in your comment.

Move a text comment

  • Place your cursor on the text bounding box and click and drag to the new position.

Delete a text comment

  • Right click on the text.
  • Click on Remove Text.


  • Click on the highlight icon
  • Select a highlight colour
  • Click and drag on any text to highlight.

Delete highlight

  • Right click on the highlight.
  • Click on Remove Highlight.

Add a comment

  • Right click on the highlight.
  • Enter the comment on the right hand side.


  • Click on the draw icon.
  • Select a drawing colour.
  • Draw anywhere on the page.
  • Click on Complete to finish the drawing.

Delete drawing

  • Right click on the drawing.
  • Click on Remove Drawing.


  • Click on the strikeout icon
  • Click and drag on any text to strikeout.
  • A textbox will be automatically displayed (change the font colour, size, background if required)
  • Enter alternative wording suggestion.

Delete strikeout

  • Right click on the strikeout.
  • Click on Remove Strikeout.