What is the Tests and Pool tool?

The Test tool allows you to create online quizzes, tests and exams that include both automatically and instructor marked questions.

A Pool is a bank of questions that can be reused repeatedly in multiple assessments.

Why would I use the Test and Pool tool?

Tests enable you to check the knowledge or skill levels of your students. Tests can be used for both formative and summative assessment.

Pools allow you to organise questions by module or topic. Using the Random Block function, you can create tests where questions are randomly selected from a pool and presented to the student every time the test is taken. Pools can also be copied into other courses using the export and import functions.

Other considerations

Surveys: The Survey tool allows you to survey students and have the results automatically collated. The survey tool uses the same question types as available in Tests and also allows you to use questions from Pools. Answers to survey questions are anonymous.

Grade Centre: Test results can be viewed, moderated and remarked in the Grade Centre. Note, Short answer, Essay and File response questions must be marked manually.





  • FAQ - How can I add a video file to a test?

    You can use Kaltura for this. Go to http://www.elearning.uq.edu.au/content/video-and-audio-upload and follow the pdf instructions to 'Insert a video into a Visual Textbox Editor'. 

  • FAQ - How can I edit Instructions/Description of a test that is already created?

    Editing the Instructions and Description of a test is quite obscure since upgrading to Blackboard 9.1, but this is how you do it for a test that's already been created.

    Click on the downarrows beside the test and choose Edit Test. Then on the Test Canvas page, if you look at the top where it says: "Test Canvas: ..... name of test ..." there are downarrows to the right of that. Click on them and choose Edit, and then you will be able to edit the Description and Instructions.

  • FAQ - Why can't I change the access dates for a test after it has closed?

    Sometimes lecturers want to make a test available again after the closing date. However, you may not be able to access the 'Edit Test Options' link. This happens when a Display Until (or end) date has been entered and selected, but there was either no Display After (or starting) date set, or the date was entered but the tick box was not ticked. Unfortunately if this has happened it can only be fixed by ITS Blackboard technical support. So it is much better to ensure a start date is entered and ticked so this problem won't happen.

  • FAQ - How do my students see feedback on tests?

    While Test grades are available to students in their My Grades, Test feedback is only available from the actual Test link. In the Test Options (under "6. Show Test Results and Feedback to Students") you can choose when to reveal the score, correct answers. feedback etc. to students. If you allow this information to be revealed on completion of the test, students just need to click the OK button when they have completed the test and are presented with the completion page.

    If, however, you choose to hide this information until after the Test due date, you need to make sure you do not made the test unavailable to students but instead use the 'Due Date' option and tick the box to prevent students starting the test after the due date/tiime. Then, choose the Due Date option as the date to reveal the feedback to students (in '6. Show Test Reults and Feedback to Students').

    Then, when the due date passes, students will be able to go back to the test link and click on it They then have to choose to begin the test again, and then click the View All Attempts link. On this page, figure under 'Calculated Grade' is a link and if students click this link they will come to the page with feedback and other details as allowed by the instructor.

  • FAQ - How can I delete duplicate or unwanted Question Pools?

    Pools cannot be deleted if any of the questions are deployed in a test. You can check where a pool question is deployed by going into the Pool and clicking on the question. Once all questions in the pool have been removed from all tests they are deployed in, the delete option will appear when you click on the downarrow to the right of the pool name.

Known Issues

  • Known Issue: Retention Centre doesn't show anything

    "My Retention Centre  just shows a smiley face with 'All students are doing great!', but I know there are some who have missed deadlines, etc."

    When you make your course available to students at the start of semester.

    Control Panel -> Customisation -> Properties -> 3. Set Availability (choose the first option) -> Yes

    If you choose the 3rd option Use Term Availability, this has the unexpected side-effect of stopping the Retention Centre from working.

    Changing it to Yes will fix the problem, although one or more of the alert rules may take 24 hours to update in your site.