Tips on managing large classes in Learn.UQ

Setting up groups

You can now choose to set up groups that are:

  • manual enrolment (by the lecturer from the complete list of students in the class)
  • random enrolment (students are automatically assigned to a group)
  • self-enrol (where students can enrol themselves into a group).

If you are manually enrolling, you can now choose from the entire class cohort, not just on a 25 student per page basis. Read more...

Learn.UQ statistics

ITS have developed a Blackboard Statistics page that draws on all available Blackboard statistics for any course online (ie. that has not been archived). This is now accessible from a tab at the top of the Blackboard page (available to staff only). The statistics produced include the number of accesses in each Blackboard area of an individual course.

Grade Centre - Smart Views

Smart Views are a way of viewing the Grade Centre data based on various criteria, such as by groups. So, if your marking is done by tutors, you can set up a group for each tutor and a Smart View based on that group. Each tutor can then view only their group of students in the Grade Centre for marking purposes.  Read more...

Grade Centre - Working offline

Downloading Smart Views to work offline is one way to avoid waiting for Grade Centre to re-load each time you make a change.  It is important to make sure that students are not represented more than once across the smartview groups you set up.

  • Set up your Smart Views by clicking on the Manage button in Grade Centre, then choosing Smart Views. Choose Create Smart View and follow the prompts.
  • Select the Smart View of the group you wish to mark, then download this group by choosing “Work Offline”.
  • Tutors or Instructors then mark the downloaded Excel spreadsheet.
  • Upload the completed spreadsheet to Grade Centre once the marking is complete.