What are In-class active learning tools?

Using an in-class active learning tool in a lecture, teaching staff can pose questions in a PowerPoint presentation, verbally or on the board (depending on the system used). Students then answer the questions using web-enabled devices such a laptops, smart phones or tablets. A running tally, graph or word cloud of student responses is projected onto the screen.

Why would I use an In-class active learning tool?

In-class active learning tools can be used to engage students and promote deeper understanding in lectures and tutorials. They allow teaching staff to ask questions, gain immediate feedback from students and adjust their lectures/tutorials accordingly. Questions can be posed to check students' understanding of lecture content, identify student misconceptions and facilitate discussions.

Other considerations

UQ surveys show that currently 98% of students own a mobile web enabled device. To ensure equity, use web-based solutions for formative learning activities only and have students collaborate on answers. Based on groups of 2 to 5 students, only 40%+ of students need to have a web-enabled device for activities to be effective.


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