What is the Grade Centre?

The Blackboard Grade Centre provides an area within your Blackboard course to store student marks. Student scores from Blackboard tests and surveys are stored in the Grade Centre automatically. You may also manually add scores and information that are not automatically added by Blackboard. Assessment submitted using the Assignment tool can also be viewed, marked and downloaded from the Grade Centre.

Smart Views allows you to save filtered views of the Grade Centre. e.g. All students who belong to a tutorial group.

Why would I use the Grade Centre?

Grade Centre allows you to view marks from online tests, and marked blogs, journals, wikis and discussion boards. When you create an assessment item in Blackboard, a column is automatically created in Blackboard. You may also manually add marks and information to the Grade Centre. Grade Centre allows you to perform basic calculations such as average marks, total marks and weighed marks.

Other considerations

Grade Centre only performs basic calculations and a spreadsheet should be used if more complicated formulas are needed. In that case, the marks from Grade Centre can be exported to a spreadsheet, calculations performed and then the final marks imported back into Grade Centre.

My Grades: Students can view marks using this tool.

Assignment tool (Bb): Assignments uploaded using this tool can be viewed and marked using the Grade Centre.



Known Issues

  • Known Issue: Modify grades offline

    There is a known issue with modifying grades offline (via the download tool) for Group assignments or assignments marked with a rubric. 

  • Known Issue: turnitin - marking via Grade Centre issue

    Please note:-

    If you have allowed multiple submissions of your turnitin assignment until the due date.
    If you are marking turnitin submissions via the Grade Centre instead of using the turnitin Inbox and GradeMark.

    ONLY the first submitted paper will appear in the Grade Centre.

    To access the last submitted paper you must go to the turnitin inbox (Control Panel -> Course Tools -> Turnitin Assignments).

    (Turnitin have been advised of this problem and they are looking into it.)