iThenticate link

Note: iThenticate is only available to UQ staff and Higher Degree by Reseach (HDR) students. Undergraduate and post graduate by course work students who access the link will receive an information page about the purpose of iThenticate and who it is available to.

Select documents

  • Click on the My Documents link or the link of the required folder.
  • Click on the Submit a document link.

  • Enter the authorship details and the document title.
  • Click on the Choose File button.
  • Navigate to and select the required file.
  • Optionally, click on the Add another file link to upload an additional file.

Note: You can upload up to 10 files before submitting.

  • Click on the Upload button.

View Similarity report

Note:  It usually takes a couple of minutes for a report to generate.

  • The report will be displayed in a new tab.

Main navigation

The main navigation bar at the top of the screen has three tabs. You will automatically land on the Folders page.


This is the main iThenticate page. From the Folders page you can upload, manage and view documents. Refer to the Folders iThenticate guide.


The settings page contains configuration option for iThenticate. Refer to the Settings iThenticate guide.

Account Info

The account information page contains the user profile and account usage.