What is the Files area?

Files area is a location within Learn.UQ where you can store and manage files. The Course Files area can be accessed from Files in the Control Panel. To make the files accessible to students, you need to create links to the files from a Content Area (i.e. Learning Resources).

Why would you use the Files area?

You can move a large amount of content from your computer or network drive to the Files area in one action or upload files while creating content. Once content is in the Files area, you can link it to any place in your course where attaching files is available. You can also use Files area as a virtual hard drive, accessible from any computer by logging into Learn.UQ.

Content in Course Files is considered content for reuse. So you can delete links to files in your course, yet the files themselves remain in Course Files, where you can link to them again. Also, if you modify or move a file to another Course Files folder after it is linked in your course, the link will not be broken.

Other considerations

The Course Files area within each course is specific to that course only.


  • FAQ - What file types are supported in Learn.UQ?

    The following are support in Learn.UQ.

    Types of files File extensions
    Word .doc .docx
    PowerPoint .ppt .pptx
    Excel .xls .xlsx
    PDF .pdf
    HTML .htm .html
    Text .txt
    Rich Text Format .rtf
    Image files .gif .jpeg .png
    Audio files .mp3
    QuickTime video files .mov
    Real audio files .rm .ram
    Flash files ‚Äč.flv


Known Issues

  • Known Issue: Characters NOT to use in file names

    The following characters should not be used when naming files:

    • Ampersand &
    • Comma ,
    • Semicolon ;
    • Quotes ' ' or " "
    • Question mark ?
    • Number sign #
    • Forward slash /
    • Backslash \