What is a desktop recording?

A desktop recording occurs when you create a video of all of the computer screen (including webcams) and audio activity on your computer. Desktop recording can also be used to produce Voice over PowerPoint (VOP) online lectures.

Why would I use desktop recording?

Desktop recordings can be used to create video tutorials for your classes, an introduction to your course, a mini lecture on a specific topic using a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover or demonstrations of how to use a software program. Desktop recordings may be a component of your flipped classroom where the didactic lectures are moved online (using a desktop recording) with the class time spent on student centred learning activities.

Desktop recordings may also be used as an alternative to Lecture Theatre Recording when your teaching space is not fitted with equipment to record lectures.


Staff have two centrally supported options for creating desktop recordings, using either Kaltura (a feature of our video server) or the PCAP - Echo360 Personal Capture (a feature of our lecture theatre recording system). ITS are also piloting Office Mix during 2016.

PCAP (Echo360 Personal Capture) allows you to create audio only recordings, audio and screen capture recordings and audio, screen capture and webcam video recordings. PCAP also has basic editing tools and allows you to publish your recordings directly to your Learn.UQ(Blackboard) course.

Kaltura allows you to create desktop recordings that include screen, audio and webcam, as well as webcam only recordings. You can also create clips from videos you have created and upload videos directly to your Learn.UQ(Blackboard) course. Students also have access to these tools.

Office Mix is eLearning authoring software that allows staff to produce mini online lectures that include narration, webcam video, media, screen recordings and formative quizzes.

Other considerations

Lecture recording: Recording of audio and the screen content presented at a lecture. In room Lecture Recordings may be requested for teaching spaces where equipment is available.

Virtual classrooms: A Virtual Classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate via audio and text chat, view presentations, interact with learning resources and work in groups. A recording can be taken of a session and the link to the recording added to your Blackboard course.


Known Issues

  • Known Issue: Echo360 PCAP doesn't record whole screen

    There is an issue when using Windows DPI Size settings. If the size is set over 100%, PCAP will not record the whole screen.

    Official response from Echo360 Support:
    Unfortunately this is a known limitation with PCAP software. It is due to the way that PCAP handles DPI virtualisation. At present there isn't a fix available. PCAP is currently being completely re-written, so hopefully a fix will be incorporated into the next release of PCAP.

    Instead of changing the Windows DPI size, change the Windows monitor/display resolution."