What is a content curation tool?

A content curation tool allow you to collect information from a variety of multimedia sources and present and organise it in a meaningful way around a particular theme. These tools allow students to sift, sort, arrange, annotate, share and publish research resources.

s instructors, we are all  information curators.  How do you collect and share currently relevant content with your students?  How do your students research and share information that they find with the rest of class? What tools do you use to manage or facilitate presentation of resources? Is it public? Can students access it at other times? In groups?

Modern web tools make it easy for both students and instructors to contribute online discoveries to class conversations.  Using free online content curation software, we can easily integrate new content in a variety of ways.

- See more at: http://iteachu.uaf.edu/grow-skills/filelink-management/content-curation-tools/#sthash.AP8uvp80.dpuf

Why would I use a content curation tool?

Content curation tools can be used to promote student engagement and information literacy. Create learning activities where content curation tools facilitate the critiquing of information sources and keeping track of research efforts. Teach students to curate social media, connect with experts in the field and become both content creators and curators. Use the tool to facilitate group work and collaborative learning activities.

Other considerations

Examples of Content Curation tools include ScoopIT, PearlTrees, Pinterest and Storify. These tools are not centrally supported by ITS.

Other Learn.UQ (Blackboard) tools you should consider using include:

Assignment tool (Bb): Set up an individual or group assignment for students to submit links to their completed online curation product for marking.

Discussion Board: Have students share links to the their curation by posting them in a forum.