Starting 2015, we will be able to accept Batch requests for enrolments only, as long as the following information is included:

  • Full course code from blackboard – e.g. TEST1234S_6620_21234
  • Staff username – e.g. uqastaff1
  • Role required (Instructor/Teaching Assistant/Grader/Course Builder) -
  • Format is a CSV or basic excel file with each user on a new line, E.g:
    • TEST1234S_6620_21234,uqastaff1,P
    • TEST1234S_6620_21234,uqastaff2,T
  • Valid Course Role field values are: "S" for Student, "P" for Instructor, "T" for Teaching Assistant, "B" for Course Builder, "G" for Grader, "U" for Guest

All course copy requests will have to be made individually via the Site Request form, found under the staff tab when logged into Blackboard Learn.UQ. The use of this form ensures we receive the correct course codes required for a successful copy. These requests can be made by the instructor themselves or by a professional staff member on their behalf with their consent.

We have made various updates to this page over the last few years, in hopes to simplify the process to make it quick and easy to complete. We will be investigating in creating a Multiple Site Request form in the near future, which will allow users to enter information for up to 10 copies at a time on the one page.

Site Request Information

Generic Course Request information

UQ Policy on the procedures to access new courses