What is an Announcement?

Announcements is an area in which you can post news items for students in your course. This area is by default the first page in your course. You can include links in your announcements to course resources, folders and tools.

Why would I use an Announcements?

Announcements can be used to welcome students and notify them about course events, changes, corrections, new course resources, assignment due dates.

Other considerations

Text Editor: The Announcement tool also includes this editor that allows you to include links to multimedia resources.

Discussion Board: A discussion board should be used for short question-and-answer-style collaboration between students.


  • Case studies
    Mr Brett Symonds - Welcome message
    Brett shares his views on the benefits of using a video message in an announcement to welcome and orientate students.
    A/Professor Gwendolyn Lawrie - Communication in large classes
    Gwen shares her views on the benefits of using weekly announcements to improve communication in her large first year Chemistry course.
  • Tasks