eLearning statistics report - July 2013

This report is a monthly summary of the key eLearning statistics.  This is provided to assist managers and faculties to understand trends and opportunities for using eLearning applications which support student learning outcomes. Teaching and Learning have provided some basic analysis to help understand the statistics provided, and also recognise that additional conclusions can be drawn.  If there is anything that you would like to discuss or question in the statistics, please contact Teaching and Learning.


Blackboard is the University’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The usage rates below are reflective of the mid-semester break, followed by orientation week, and the start of Semester 2 2013.  There was a network maintenance window on July 18th for 45 minutes. From the start of Semester 2, unique students per day peaked at 25,290 in week 1, and then at at 27,411 in week 2.

Blackboard staff and student log-ins

Monthly History

Blackboard up-time

Blackboard uptime was over 99.94% for the month of July with no significant outages to report.

uptime graph

In addition to the uptime, the response times are also monitored which measure how fast Blackboard respond to page requests. The average page response time was less than ¼ of a second with infrequent peak waiting time of less than 4.5 seconds.

Availability and response time


Echo 360 and Lecture recordings

Echo360 is a suite of video tools for staff use and includes automated lecture recordings and personal capture (PCAP) recordings. Additional capabilities under investigation include dual-screen capture, live streaming of lectures and Classroom Capture (currently in pilot phase).  Echo360 is integrated with Blackboard and the timetabling system, (Syllabus+), so recordings published automatically (or manually) are available for students to view via their Blackboard course.

Echo disk usage was at 15 TB during July and the monitoring of disc usage showed the need to add disk space to provide capacity for the remainder of the year. Additional capacity has been added to cope with this demand. TLS does capacity forcasting every 6 months and so far demand is running in line with the expectation that we will be at 21TB by the end of 2013, at which point it should decline with a new archving regime.

Recordings Disk usage

It is expected that there will be additional disk space reclaimed after 4 weeks of recording as source files are recycled.  This reclamation of disk space is shown with the up-swings in available disk space (see below).

Recording disk usage

Echo360 activity - 2nd Semester 2013 to date


Kaltura is a media service hosted outside Blackboard (like YouTube), but integrated with Blackboard to allow staff and students to create short videos and use them in Blackboard courses.

Kaltura usage was dramatically reduced over the Semester 1 exam block and the mid-semester break.

Kaltura usage

The operating systems accessing Kaltura media include significant representation of Windows 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS.  Any University users of XP are reminded that this operating system is reaching end-of-life shortly and steps should be taken to upgrade.

Operating systems accessing Kaltura

With the decreased usage in July, the bandwidth predictably reduced in the same period

Kaltura bandwidth usage

Adobe Connect

Adobe connect is a virtual classroom service that allows rich sharing and collaboration in virtual learning spaces which can also be recorded and saved if created to support a Blackboard course.  It is also used for virtual meetings.

The beginning of the Semester is showing a quick uptake of the Adobe connect virtual classrooms with an average of 30 concurrent users collaborating on-line

Adobe Connect user usage


eLearning Help Desk – incidents and trends

The eLearning help desk is a staff-centric help desk (Level 2) for the resolution of eLearning application incidents (Blackboard, Kaltura, Echo360, TurnItIn etc.).  Jobs logged to this help desk are usually via the ITS help desk (level 1) using the LANDesk ticketing system.

The July statistics show the normal influx of course creations (which include course customisations, migrations and merging) in preparation for Semester 2. This month’s load (822 resolved incidents) is consistent with the commencement of Semester 1 (871 resolved incidents in February). This is largely due to the high number of course creations, modifications and migrations in preparation for the start of Semester.

Numer of incidents by category

All significant response time and resolution time indicators continue to improve, reflecting the high proportion of relatively routine course creation tasks compared with more analytically challenging, and time consuming, tools related tasks. This is despite the Blackboard upgrade testing activities which re-directed help staff effort away from the core help desk activities during the last 2 weeks of July.

All eLearning jobs continue to be resolved well within the eLearning SLA (5 days) with Urgent jobs being responded to usually within 6 minutes and resolved within the week.

eLearning Training

Training attendances January 2013 - July 2013

Workshop Attendances
Blackboard Basics 96
Blackboard Basics for Professional Staff 23
Blackboard: Group Management 7
Blackboard: Online assignments 11
Blackboard: Quizzes, Tests and Exams 45
Course site design 13
Clickers (web based) 38
Desktop Recording 61
Running Online Exams 7
TurnItIn 76
Using Grade Centre in Blackboard 34
Virtual Classrooms (Adobe Connect) 36
Virtual Meetings (Adobe Connect) 19
Total 466

Top eLearning tool pages July 2013

The top eLearning site pages are determined the last page accessed by users per visit.

Tool Visits - determined by exit pages
Lecture Theatre Recordings 683
Tech support - Question and answers 299
Lecture Theatre Recordings - Automatic recordings and opting out 270
eLearning blog 256
Training 211
Getting started with Blackboard 206
ECP Electronic Course Profile 186
Tech support 186
Virtual Classroom 186
Blogs - Post comment blog entry 175
Grade Centre 149
Lecture Theatre Recordings - Equipped venues lecture theatre recordings 138
Contacts 126
eLearning blog - What do our eLearning systems allow us to do 123
TurnItIn vs Safeassign 109
Student response systems 107
TurnItIn 99
2013 Blackboard course information 98
eLearning blog - Using twitter in educational settings 95
Tests, quizzes and pools 85
Blackboard 9.1 84
Video and audio upload 84
Lecture Theatre Recordings - Integration with Blackboard 83
Projects 83
Sneak peak 3 - Learn.UQ 2014 new equation editor 82
eLearning Updates 76
Online exams 72
eLearning statistics report April 2013 70
New LMS - Moodle or other? 70
Enrol users 66
Lecture Theatre Recording - Using recording equipment 62
How do I access my courses from previous semesters 61
My Grades 60
eLearning blog - Groups in large classes 58